Zumba Shoes for Women

The best Zumba shoes for women is a frequent question for Zumba instructors. Of course with any new activity, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment. Running a goal for soccer would be much more difficult without Cleats, just like dancing without the right shoes can make certain moves much harder. The most important investment for Zumba would definitely be the right pair of Zumba shoes for women.  You want a pair that is flexible as well as supportive, and most importantly you want a pair that is comfortable! So, what are the best Zumba shoes for women?

After extensive research, the following Zumba shoes for women are highly recommended.

Top Rated ShoesTestimonial
Reebok - RealFlex Transition (Mono/Pink/White/Sun) - FootwearReebok Realflex -
These low profile shoes are extremely lightweight & incredibly flexible. The Reebok Realflex line is considered the best for Zumba workouts. There are 76 individual sensors on each sole that is designed for optimum “foot feel” which deliver multi-directional flexibility, which is ideal for dancing. Plus they are amazingly comfortable and very cute!! Fits true to size.
Nike - Musique III SL (Black/White (Nubuk)) - FootwearNike Musique IV -
The most popular Zumba shoe for instructors. Lose yourself in the intense, hypnotic rhythm as you let the pulsating beats take over your body! Pull off those sultry, tantalizing moves with reckless abandon in these stunning Musique IV dance shoes from Nike®! Choose from a combination of lightweight mesh and synthetic leather or all synthetic uppers for comfort and durability during dance activities.
Vibram FiveFingers - Bikila LS (Grey/Blue/Black) - FootwearVibram Bikila -
This five finger shoe from Vibram is extremely versatile, and my personal favorite for Zumba (walking, jogging, hiking, etc). You may guffaw and think they will be uncomfortable or maybe they aren't the cutest. I promise though the first time you wear these, you will really love them. They have full flexibility, allowing you to be lithe and in control of every movement. They are also great for your joints, as you are nicer to your body.
PUMA - Janine Dance Wn's (White/Puma Silver/Birght Chart) - FootwearPuma Janine Dance -
These are considered to be one of the perfect Zumba shoes for women. It is a low profile sneaker with flexibility and light weight. Breathable mesh lining and a cushioned, eco-OrthoLite® insole wicks moisture, promotes material regeneration and air circulation while providing antimicrobial protection.
SKECHERS - Jazz Hands - Dance-Off (Grey/Blue) - FootwearSkechers Jazz Hands Dance Off -
These Zumba shoes are often seen worn by Zumba instructors! Excellent gym and aerobics shoes, they are a blend of a sneaker and jazz shoe. Features a cushioned insole, and
Shock-absorbing midsole.

As you can see there are a lot of great options for Zumba shoes for women. There are shoes in every price range & color, you just have to pick the pair that works best for you. Be sure to check Amazon for great reviews on each of the styles.

Most important, have fun and keep dancing!!

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