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Whether you’re a Zumba instructor or a sexy student, we all want to rock the latest Zumba gear and accessories. We are working out and having a blast, we might as well look cute while doing it right? Plus why should we have to carry that ugly old gym bag or towel? Zumba is a way of life, lets rock it ladies!!


In my professional opinion, Zumba is the most well rounded, fun and effective workout you could do. I have danced my entire life, which definitely gives me an edge when it comes to Zumba, but it is not at all required. My 60 year old mother has been to tons of my Zumba classes with no previous dance experience. She has not only lost weight, but her body is looking so much more toned, from behind you would never guess she was 60! You work it at your own level, each class or video will have variations for high intensity and low intensity. There are also several types of classes, one of my favorites is Zumba Toning, which uses these great maraca style weights, although you could use regular hand weights as well.


Bring the party home with a Zumba dvd

Do you love going to Zumba classes but sometimes you just need to stay home and workout with a Zumba dvd? Don’t skip your workout because you can’t get to a class! You can get a great workout in as little as 20 minutes!

Studies show that exercise is incredibly important for weight control, reducing stress, improved heart and lung function, building lean muscle, improved sleep patterns, faster recovery from injury or illness, Improved flexibility, mobility, and bone density, helps prevent disease, builds higher self esteem and more.


The Zumba dance workout DVD includes the Zumba Fitness Basic Workout, 20-minute Express workout, Sculpt and Tone workout, Cardio Party workout, Live! workout, Flat Abs workout, and also toning sticks for one low price; the Zumba Total Body Transformation Body Set really is an inexpensive package that can be shipped anywhere worldwide.

Zumba, a new revolutionary system for exercising, is now offered online in its beta version for those interested in discovering the perfect workout. This new innovatory method incorporates Latin and global music into a fun, pleasant workout able to target all parts of one’s body to accomplish the ideal body shape. Its online program offers a collection of Zumba videos, clothing, and also the ability to register for workout sessions close one’s city.


The Zumba workout video incorporates a system which trains the whole body through a energetic workout blueprint of dance steps. The program offers uncomplicated instructions to learning trouble-free routines that follow a Latin tempo; in addition to learning the dance moves of exotic salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue, and other Latin dances, the course teaches its members the ideal dance moves to target specific areas, such as thighs and abs. A precise routine can be accomplished and perfected for any user with the dance moves trained in their Zumba Total Body Transformation Body Set.