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The right pair of Zumba shoes is the most important thing for any Zumba program. One of the most commonly asked question of an instructor is regarding which Zumba shoes are best. To help you find your right shoes we are discussing the 5 best shoes used for Zumba as well as their importance and the features of each pair of shoes.

Zumba sneakers are the most comfortable, stable, supportive and flexible type of shoes for the Zumba program. Some people are very conscious about their looks so they also prefer to wear stylish shoes. Let us discuss some shoes that are considered to be the best for Zumba.

The 5 Best Zumba shoes which you can purchase without hesitation are:

Reebok Realflex - These low profile shoes are extremely lightweight & incredibly flexible. The Reebok Realflex line  is considered the best for Zumba workouts. There are 76 individual sensors on each sole that is designed for optimum “foot feel” which deliver multi-directional flexibility, which is ideal for dancing.  Plus they are amazingly comfortable and very cute!! Fits true to size.

Capezio Rockit - This Zumba Shoe from Capezio has all the right features to help you rock on the dance floor. It is lightweight and features a boxed toe for toe stands. The Rockit also has built in flex points and ventilation to help your feet breathe during intense Zumba sessions. Fits small, buy 1/2 size larger.


Ryka Studio Flex LowRyka Studio Flex - These are considered to be one of the perfect Zumba shoes for women. It is a low profile sneaker with flexibility and light weight. Due to the Visco-Elastomere the Ryka Studio Flex Low are soft & comfortable. People doing Zumba need traction and this shoe gives excellent traction. Fits true to size.

Capezio Web– The Capezio Web Dance Sneaker is also considered one of the best shoes for Zumba exercises. The main features associated with these shoes are a split sole for flexibility & a breathable mesh web. They are very affordable and sassy! Fits small, buy 1/2 size larger.


Sansha Motion –These Zumba shoes are often seen worn by Zumba instructors! Excellent gym and aerobics shoes, they are a blend of a sneaker and jazz shoe. All the features required for Zumba like breathable, flexible & comfort are offered by the Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker. Fits very small, buy full 1 1/2 size larger. (ie. size 7 order 8 1/2)

So these are a few of the best Zumba shoes and Zumba sneakers that give a perfect combination of beauty, support, and comfort. You can get the one you like the most and that fulfills all your requirements. All of the above shoes are worthy for their price and you won’t ever regret getting them. If you wear the perfect shoes while exercising then you will enjoy the Zumba program that much more.

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  1. I have the Capezio Webs and love ‘em! They work well for other aerobics and dance classes like Body Pump and Salsa.

    They also look pretty cute :)

  2. I had been wondering which shoes to get for Zumba! The Reebok Realflex sneakers are awesome! I was using my cross training Reeboks, but these are SO much better for Zumba! Thanks for all the suggestions, they definitely helped!!

  3. Harrison said:

    Thank you for this article! I have been trying to figure out which shoes to purchase for Zumba, since I’m on a budget I’m going to try the Sansha Motion :). I will order them bigger since reading other reviews.

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