Why is everyone talking about Zumbafitness &
what is Zumbafitness?

Zumbafitness is becoming more and more popular, I swear I see it everywhere from      posters to banner ads and magazines. Even coupon sites are spinning  out different Zumbafitness coupons for studios all around town. So what is the buzz? Why is  everyone so excited?


Hot music + Sexy moves + Fun Party = Zumbafitness
Zumbafitness = Toned Body + Amazing cardio + Stress relief

The classes and home videos cater to all types of men & women, yep, even men are getting into it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a good dancer, even if you feel you have two left feet you will have a great time. It doesn’t feel like you’re working out, this isn’t your gyms monotonous step class… you actually LAUGH and have TONS OF FUN! While burning up to an amazing 600+ calories an hour!!

Beto Perez stumbled upon this new fitness craze on accident when he simply forgot his traditional music for the aerobic class he was teaching. He had to improvise and use his own personal music which contained merengue and other hot latin beats. The class turned out to be so much fun that his students requested he do it again next week… and the beginning of the Zumbafitness craze was born.

Since then, Zumbafitness has come out with everything from in home DVD sets, Zumbawear (only available through licensed Zumba instructors, ZIN), Zumba Music, & a full line of Zumba Accessories! I have found that Amazon has the best selection of Music and Dvd sets. I also like the selection of different “Zumba” Clothing they have. It is really easy to get in the spirit, you just want to throw on some bright colors, maybe a baseball cap and definitely a great pair of Zumba Shoes which I reviewed all my favorites.

Zumbafitness is worldwide, which means it is constantly evolving. The music which was originally only Latin inspired has crossed the globe and now incorporates Bollywood & Bellydancing! Top 10 hits, hip hop even show tunes have come in to play. If its fun, sassy and has a sweet beat.. you can zumbafitness to it!

Search your local gyms for classes or simply purchase the DVD sets to have fun in the privacy of your own home. Get the whole family to party into shape!

More fun stuff in the Zumba Shop.  Party on Zumbafitness lovers!

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